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True Whitening System Reviews

True Whitening System Reviews

Are you looking for a True White Whitening System review to know if the product works? This article features a breakdown of the product, complete with instructions and a buying guide.


If you’re like me, your probably grew up being told to smile because it makes a person prettier. It was until I was older those words rang true because I never realized just how much attention people pay to your mouth and teeth as you talk. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and smoking are all culprits of yellowing teeth, along with cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.  Whatever the reason, white teeth give us the confidence for a broad smile and making great first impressions. I’ll give you a True White Whitening System review to explain how it helped me get that desirable smile.

I’ve always been faintly aware that I have yellow teeth, but it took a shattering self-esteem moment to make me change that forever. It happened when someone I liked choose not to talk to me because of the appearance of my teeth. Not everyone has that experience, but even a frown or stare at our smile affects our esteem.

I tried a few home remedies and some advertised online teeth whitening products that this site marked as scams.  These products made only a slight difference. I started noticing that LED lights for teeth whitening were trending and that’s when I talked about True Company, and it appeared legit, even giving warnings about scam sites parading to be them. After reading a few reviews, I concluded they were legit enough to try them out. So far, the True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2. It’s been six months, and my teeth are genuinely white.  Here then is my True White Whitening System review. I have included the True White Teeth Whitening System instructions to create a picture of how to use the product.

Product Description

True whitening is essentially a teeth whitening formula that you use to get your teeth pearly white again. The ingredients are made up of what you’d get in your typical whitening gen at the dentist with a portable LED light to activate the whitening. An in-office procedure can cost about $600 while dentist take-home trays go for about $400. The True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 and other home kits like it don’t cost as much. It is not that going to a dentist is a waste; it is only that not everyone can afford it and it therefore helps to have products that cater to those who can’t.

While the company is not entirely clear about the ingredients used in the product, they state that it is similar to what dentist use around the world for a similar procedure. It also does not contain fluoride, gluten, or alcohol. According to the American Dental Association, most whitening products use carbamide peroxide which breaks down and produces hydrogen peroxide and waste. Hydrogen peroxide is the active bleaching agent, and typically brands use anywhere between 25 to 40% concentration. Other ingredients can include sodium hydroxide, glycerin, carbopol (what makes the gel), and flavoring. This blend ensures that your enamel is safe and works for people with tooth sensitivity.

True White comes with two kits. You have the option of using both yourself and use it for a longer time, or you can share it with a partner. Since I live alone, I use the entire product alone, and it lasts me about three months, factoring in the weeks I use the kit once or twice. On a good week where I stay away from coffee or soda, I’m able to get away with using less gel too.

The blue ray LED light accelerates the whitening process, and it’s the reason you can see some results after only one application. The trick, however, is to use the gel as per the specification to get the results promised. You’d be amazed how results vary if you don’t use the product the correct way. You end up with huge savings given the gel in each tube goes for about 10-15 applications.

You also don’t have to set a day on the calendar to do it. The whitening process can take up to five minutes so it’s something you can do for that party (which I ALWAYS do) or meeting with clients. The fantastic bit about the teeth trays and LED lights are what athletes and celebrates use. However, if you have additional time, you can use it for up to 30 minutes. You also don’t have to buy a new kit when you run out; True Company provides syringe refills. They say esults could last for about two years if you take excellent care of your teeth and mind your diet.

While this True White Whitening System review makes it sound like a wonder teeth whitener, let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Comes with two gel syringes and teeth trays, ideal for couples, siblings, and others
  • The gel and LED light are industry grade
  • Noticeable change in just one appellation
  • The whitening process, with the LED lights, takes approximately 5 minutes, this is a short time compared to the three hours to overnight time spent with traditional teeth whiteners
  • You don’t need to purchase a new kit when you run out of the gel; you get a refill


  • You have to hold the LED with your lips; it gets tiring after a while
  • Using too much gel on the teeth tray can cause gum irritation

True White Teeth Whitening System Instructions

As with everything, it helps to read instructions so that you don’t end up getting the short end of the stick.

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly with your favorite toothpaste and floss after.
  • From the True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 kit, take the mouth trays one at a time and dunk them in hot tap water (not boiling) for about six seconds. Drip off excess water and put the tray on your mouth and bite down for 30 seconds.
  • Once done, run it under cool water for a faster set. Do the same for the other tray. Dry the trays once cool. You only need to conduct this process once
  • Cut off the holding tips, that way you can close your mouth. Also, if the back of tray extends beyond the last tooth, trim it to avoid gel wastage and it coming into contact with the gum and soft tissue at the back of the mouth.
  • Take the syringe and slowly push out the gel into the depressions for each tooth you see on the tray. Do not fill past the capacity as too much gel can damage your gum.
  • Place each tray into your mouth and bite down lightly. Should you experience a tingling or bubbling sensation don’t worry; that’s normal.
  • Once comfortable, take the blue ray LED light and place it into your mouth, having pressed the button at the top to turn it on. Depending on your needs, use it for between 5-30 minutes. It’s a perfect time to do other chores as you don’t need to hold the light in place or to stay on.
  • When the desired time lapses, take off the guard and rise the gel from your mouth and tray (remember to dry them after.
  • Make the applications two to three times a week until you see the desired results. Maintain proper dental hygiene between uses to reduce dependence on the teeth whitening product.

Pro tips

There were some concerns about the product from others online so I did my own research to make the most out of the product. Given the ingredients, sensitivity can be a concern for some. While I didn’t have much of an issue, If found that these practices helped. Here is a list of how you can get the most out of True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2. They also apply for other gels too.

  • If you have a lot of salivae, you might end up drooling so have a napkin ready
  • If your gums become sensitive, it may be an indication that you have excess gel in the trays. As good practice, when you put in the tray, wipe off any gel that transfers to your gum.
  • If you’re unsure about how sensitive your teeth or gum are, you can make the treatment time short and work your way up.
  • Consider purchasing demineralizing gel to use on the teeth to prevent tooth sensitivity. Rinse the trays after the treatment and do the process again, only with the demineralizing gel. Leave it on for 5 minutes but do not rinse after use. The best time to do this is before bedtime.
  • Avoid staining drinks or citrus drinks during treatment. If you have to, consider using a straw.

Caring for the mouth tray and gel

  • Clean the mouth trays using a Q-tip or toothbrush. Ensure that you dry them after and store them in the packaging or a retainer case.
  • Store the gel in a cool place, though the refrigerator is best. Only remember to remove it from the fridge an hour prior so you can use it at room temperature.
  • Do not freeze the gel.

Buying Guide

Just as with my story, there is one reason or another that we’ve all thought of purchasing teeth whitening kits, and specifically for home use. In my case, in as much as I suddenly became self-conscious about my then yellow teeth, I was not about to spend over $600 to have a whitening procedure done at the dentist office. I did not have that kind of money.

What makes home treatment kits convenient as mentioned in this True White Whitening System review is that they work for a fraction of the price. It’s even more fantastic when you get brands like True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 and many others like them using the same formula as what dentist use worldwide. While this is the apparent reason why people choose to get home kits, it does not make the process of selecting one any more straightforward. Luckily, you can use the information I found to help you in selecting a product that works for you.

We’ll start with the basics: what are teeth whitening kits? As the name implies, it is a set of tools purchased in one packaging (or separate) designed to make and keep your teeth white. They aim to remove teeth stains and discolorations that come from years of poor oral hygiene and taking teeth-staining beverages.

Why not use whitening toothpaste? If you’re like me, you’ll find that, while they do make a difference, the change is subtle, but for the most part, your teeth remain discolored. That is why people turn to something stronger that gets the job done but doesn’t break the bank. Let’s look at the different major types in the market.

Strip teeth whitening kit

Strips came into the market around 2001 and have been the most widely used form of teeth whitening, with Crest White strips by Proctor & Gamble making the first introduction. Since then a wide variety of brands penetrated the market.

The product has two strips made of thin transparent plastic joined together. One of the pieces contains hydrogen peroxide while the other is what you peel off to access the whitening film. The strip is flexible enough so you can stick it on all your teeth. Depending on the brand, you’re to wait for a few minutes before peeling off. Those who get the most use out of strips are people with slight discoloration.

Whitening gel and tray-based kit

What makes this whitening product better than the strip is the gel covers every single tooth and on every side. The approach is to place the gel on readymade or self-shaping mouth traps and insert them into your mouth for however long the manufacturer indicates. The trick is only to use enough to cover the teeth and wipe off the excess on the tray and the gums. If you don’t it’ll be a messy affair when getting the tray off- the gel turns sticky when it acclimatizes to the temperature of your mouth.

The gel and tray kit is ideal for those with moderate to high discoloration. The number of applications and duration of uses will vary depending on the level of stain.

LED light-based whitening kit

This approach requires gel and tray. The LED light accelerates the teeth whitening process. It is the same concept that you see dentist use in the teeth whitening procedure. Once the gel and tray are in your mouth, put the LED light next to the tray. You can use your lips to hold it. Some models (as we shall see later) come with the LED gadget attached to the tray.

The LED aspect is best for those with considerable discoloration on their teeth. With 20-30 minutes of use, the change is usually evident after one use. You’ll find this highlighted in the True White Whitening System review of the product.


While not a kit, another tooth whitening product that is increasingly gaining popularity is charcoal. It comes either in powder form or as toothpaste. The former has fine particles that tend to be abrasive and scrape away plaque and other hard stains. The toothpaste is, however, more gentle to use.

Choosing your preferred teeth whitening kit

A couple of factors dictate what works best for you. You should consider:

Ease in usage: you want a package that is mainly straightforward to use, and you don’t need extra help. With regards to time taken in the whole whitening process, the strip is the easiest. The others require you to have more time on your hands to get the job done correctly.

Sensitivity: If you have a history of tooth and gum sensitivity, then charcoal is perhaps your best options. The strips and gel contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide and can therefore further aggravate the problem. Alternatively, you can purchase demineralizing gel to use after to prevent sensitivity.

Note: levels of hydrogen peroxide vary between 6%-14, and for carbamide peroxide, it is 15% to 45%. Check with your dentist what’s best for you.

Your budget: an aspect that equally dictates what you go for is how much you’re willing to spend. In all three categories, prices range from $20 to $200. Select the product appropriate for your budget and go for it. Only remember to do your research.

Treatment duration: If you have a wedding coming up, you need something that works within a few days. For this person, and others, the LED alternative is best. For those hoping to have a more gradual process then the others are best. However, for this latter category, it requires more applications to get similar results.

Warning: FDA does not approve any teeth whitening products. If it has that label, it is false marketing, whether or not the brand works.

Comparison products

While this is a True White Whitening System review, there are a couple of popular products in the market that we’ll get into now, explaining how they vary from True Whitening.

Note: While the True White worked for me, it may not work for everyone. Those listed here can work as complementary products to help you in your whitening journey.

  1. Ultra White Teeth Whitening Gel

Ultra White Teeth Whitening GelThis product comes with five syringes, but trays are not included, you’ll have to buy those separately. The gel is pretty strong, and one is expected to see changes in their teeth within a few days of use. It works great for coffee and tea drinkers who’ve had stains accumulate for years. It removes them while remaining gentle to the gums.

The company states that the gel is industry grade and one gets that professional finish after use. The syringes come sealed in a box and have an expiry date printed on it. It comes at a friendly price, only a fraction of what you’d spend at the doctor’s office. Once the gel is over, you can get refills.

The recommended use is a daily treatment for about 30 minutes to an hour. One should use it for about 7-10 days depending on the discoloration to get the whitest teeth possible. Ultra-White Teeth Whitening Gel comes in two concentrations, the 16% Carbamide Peroxide and the 22% Carbamide Peroxide formulas.


  • It takes a shorter time to whiten the teeth than other industry teeth whiteners
  • It comes in five syringes
  • It can be used for 28 applications


  • It does not come with trays

Final review: No doubt that Ultra-White is effective if you have a lot more free time. The drawback is that you have to purchase the trays separately and it also takes quite a few days to attain the desired results. A packaged kit like True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 (or other brands) provides additional convenience.

  1. Aura Glow Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening Kit

Aura Glow Radiant Effects Teeth Whitening KitThis LED teeth whitening product is designed to avoid the mess that comes with using gels. It works well even for those with sensitive teeth and equally shows results after the first treatment. The formula is made to suit those who use gluten-free and kosher products. As with the True White kit, you get preloaded syringes for easy application on the mouthpiece attached to the LED component.

The gel is made of 35% carbamide peroxide. The formula is also designed to both polish the teeth and remove plaque. It does not negatively affect the enamel, and anyone with dental work done (crowns, caps or veneers) can use this product. The syringes give you up to 20 applications. Users have the option of using the treatment once daily for 30 minutes. While you will see results on the first application, the company recommends users to use in for 7-10 days for maximum whitening results.

The mouthpiece comes attached to the LED component of the kit. It is also ready to use, meaning you don’t have to shape it in hot water. It is made of food-grade silicone and is BPA-free, meaning it is safe to use in your mouth. The LED lights have five light bulbs, and once it’s on, the whole process is hands-free. The timer lets you know the time left every 10 minutes. After use and cleaning, it goes into a storage case.


  • You can use it even though you have crowns, caps or veneers
  • The LED light has a timer, making the whitening convenient to use
  • The syringes come pre-loaded with the whitening gel


The mouthpiece does not comfortably fit every jaw structure even though it’s a one-size-fits-all

Final review: What makes them different from True Whitening is the amount of time it takes to take desired results. This product requires you to have plenty of time set aside. Another difference is the mouthpiece; not everyone is guaranteed comfort given we’re all created differently.

  1. Active Wow Teeth Whitening

Active Wow Teeth Whitening This product comes in powder form that scares most people at first glance. The idea of your teething being lack during the whitening process can be a bit unsettling for some, but once it’s rinsed off, the teeth are white.

The main ingredient, charcoal, comes from coconut shells, a fruit is known for its healing properties. The texture of the charcoal is a bit rough, and it’ll, therefore, remove any stains and plaque from the teeth.  Bentonite powder is also an ingredient used to attack plaque as well. Other components include xylitol (used in a lot of natural toothpaste brands), sodium bicarbonate (kills unhealthy microbe for a healthier pH balance), and coconut and orange seed oil for taste.

Using the product is easy. It requires you to wet your toothbrush and dab off excess water. From there, you dip the charcoal into the jar and shake off excess power. Brush the teeth for approximately two minutes and then rinse the mouth.  Results vary depending on discoloration. Ideally, it takes about two applications to see notable results. The ingredients by themselves are not typically known to irritate unless one is allergic to them. The number of times used varies; it can be used twice a week or until one sees the desired results and no more whitening takes place.


  • Celebrities and other influencers swear by it
  • The ingredients are not harmful to the gum
  • It is straightforward in usage and takes a short time


  • It is unclear of the abrasive nature of the charcoal hurts the enamel
  • It is generally messy

Final review: While to charcoal whitener is much cheaper than the True Whitening and has more applications; it takes a considerably longer time to get desired results compared to what the True White Whitening System review states the product will, perhaps because of the LED aspect too. It is also not super hygienic of more than two people using the product.

What is in the package?

When purchasing the True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2, you get:

  • A blue 5-led accelerator light
  • Two trays, each with a top and bottom mouth tray
  • Two syringes
  • Instructions manual

Warning: The product comes in a box. Should yours come in a clear bag, it is likely that you’ve been scammed. Ensure that you only purchase the product from their official site or Amazon or any trusted site.


As with any tooth whitener, do not use True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 if you are pregnant or nursing. Those with dental health problems should avoid using the product as it can cause further irritation to the affected area. Also, if you’re allergic to peroxide avoid using this type of teeth whitening product.

If you experience sensitivity as some initially do, it goes away within a day having stopped using the whitener. After that, you can decrease the number of sessions or the time taken each time you do the treatment. However, if sensitivity continues, consult a dentist. Sharp pain when using the gel is also a sign of dental health problems. Rinse the mouth immediately and see a dentist.

Final thoughts

In this True White Whitening System review, we looked at whether or not this product works. The main reasons I chose it instead of others in the industry is how long it takes to see results even after one application and also the use of the LED light. A definite bonus is the trays whereby you get to shape them to suit your unique dentures. Another plus is that I only have to use it two to three times a week, depending on how my teeth look, and I get 10 to 15 applications. It also isn’t something I have to use all the time- it gets to a point your teeth can’t get any whiter, and so you stop. While it is perhaps not the silver bullet in home teeth whitening kits (I haven’t used all after all), it does the job for me and beats any money I would spend in a dentist’s office.

As always, it is important to follow instructions while using the product; my True White Teeth Whitening System instructions are a summary. That way you avoid burning or bleaching your gums. However, for those who the idea of the peroxide makes you uncomfortable, then charcoal toothpaste is something to try first.

Another point that cannot be overemphasized is the importance of doing your research. There are a lot of scammers out there so be sure to research a brand before purchasing one. As mentioned, the official True White website already has scam website masquerading as the suppliers of the True White Whitening Advanced Plus 2 so beware. With that, I hope you’ll be able to make the decision to get a product that suits you best.


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